Small Short-term Loans – Payday Loan

Cashomate specializes in granting small loans, which in the case of new customers can reach up to PLN 1000, and in the case of subsequent loans up to PLN 3,000.

Perhaps some of you, the name Cashomate is already known, as the brand itself has been operating on the non-bank loan market for at least several years. Only the company to which the name belongs has changed and currently it is owned by two companies.

Small Loan

Small Loan

Momentum up to PLN 1,000 – the cash register offer is not very rich, because it includes small short-term loans from PLN 350 to PLN 1000. It is therefore a typical payday with a standard repayment period for this type of loan, i.e. in this particular case, from 1 to 30 days. Unfortunately, we will not find any promotion from which new clients could benefit, borrowing the first loan completely free.

The cost of loans at the Cashomate is unfortunately not the cheapest, comparing them with other similar breaks, I had the opportunity to find at least a few cheaper payday loans up to PLN 1,000. At the exact cost of the loan, we will be able to get acquainted before applying for a loan by entering the amount of the loan we are interested in and the repayment period to the form. The maximum amount of loans for regular customers can reach up to PLN 3,000.

The conditions for obtaining a loan through the cash register are quite clear. The main condition for obtaining a loan is to submit a loan application online, by persons aged 20-65. An equally important condition is to have a clean account in the debtors’ database of the National Debt Register.

In this case, the loan granting process may close up within 30 minutes, in other cases the waiting time for the loan transfer may be slightly longer.

Opinions about the cash dispenser and opinions about loans granted by them can be found just below the following article. If you have already had the opportunity to use the company’s offer, we invite you to express your opinion.