Payday loans with just presenting the DNI



How does it work?

How does it work?

These are not too high amounts of money that must be returned, generally, within 30 days. Some lenders accept a longer term, but usually does not exceed two or three months, depending on the amount. If it is a high amount of money, the amount of the installments and the time period will be agreed upon.

The interests of this type of loans and credits are 1.1% on average, so for each 100 euros will be paid about 133 euros, all depending on the lender company.

What companies grant this type of loans and to whom?

What companies grant this type of loans and to whom?

Banks can offer their clients small credits that will be returned the following month, this is done through credit cards. Their interests are lower, but they must be clients of the bank with a regular track record of income and without any debt, both with the bank with which they work and with no other. Personal loans are another product than credit, so the bank requests other requirements, such as higher income, and justify the destination of the money.
The companies of private capital are those that, in general, grant this type of credits only with DNI (or NIE) and little evidence of a financial history. These are companies that act as intermediaries between private lenders and clients. They receive the application, examine it and offer it to the lenders who are most willing to accept a specific amount of money under certain conditions.

Fast credits with DNI or NIE are granted to people of legal age who can show a regular income in time, regardless of their origin but that are sufficient, both in quantity and time, to return the debt without preventing it from deal with your daily expenses. Some lender companies also accept clients that are included in some list of defaulters; However, the debt that has led to the inclusion of your data in one of these lists should not be related to any bank.

What is a payday loan?

What is a payday loan?

They are amounts of money that are lent to a client quickly and without having to submit too much documentation. The amount of money borrowed will be based on the ability of the client to return it within a very short period of time, usually in 30 days plus the agreed interest.

The client requesting the mini loan must have a bank account that does not necessarily have to be with the same bank that the private equity company uses to transfer the money, although it must be taken into account that, if it is an entity different banking the money will take more time to arrive, it may be another day or a weekend depending on the time in which the mini loan has been granted, the day and the working method of the borrowing company.

Before applying for a credit to one of these companies, if it is an urgent need it is necessary to find out how much time will be necessary to receive the money. These companies offer their mini loans in a few minutes, and this is true if the right circumstances exist for that possibility to exist.

It must also be borne in mind that the fact of accepting an application does not mean that the loan has been granted, it is that they have accepted that request and will study it to know if it is possible to grant that amount of money to that particular client..

If a quantity of money has been denied, hope should not be lost, it is likely that this has happened because they have considered it too high for the client to return it under the required conditions without any type of problem. If so, you can try a smaller amount of money.

What do I need to apply for a payday loan?


• Be of legal age, for many private equity companies the age of “financial” age is 21 years or older. However, some of these companies specialize in offering loans to people between 18 and 21 years

• Have a regular income over time. It does not matter where they came from, but they must be regular and must last longer than necessary to deal with the debt. This income should be enough to pay the debt and face the daily expenses of each month
• Have a bank account. Through it, you will receive the money, but also request it to check the extracts of expenses and monthly earnings

• Have a valid identity document. Some private equity companies only grant loans and quick loans to people of Spanish nationality, others also grant them to people of other nationalities with demonstrable and stable residence in Spain. This is because they run the risk that the foreign person can return to their country of origin before paying off the debt.

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