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What is an “easy” credit redemption

The word “easy” is quite vague because it can vary according to your situation: if you are up to date for your payments and you have a stable income, the purchase of credit will be easy for you. It will be even more so if the necessary documents are collected, well presented and sent in a short time and if the bank responds with the same speed.

The credit agency itself can help you with financing but be careful: not all credit agencies have the same approach, between those who will ask for more documents and those who will refuse certain files. It also depends on your profile, whether it conforms to the standards of the organization or not.

Go through a broker

Go through a broker

To make it easier to redeem credit (make it faster or more credible), contacting a specialist is always a recommended measure. Here, a broker, an intermediary in banking operations, would be beneficial in the sense that he will carry out a personalized study of your situation with experts in the purchase of credit and then apply to specialized banks in the field. After that, they will be able to offer you an adequate assembly with the most suitable conditions for your case. In addition, thanks to the new unique credit, you can pay your broker without worry.

That being the case, also make sure of the reliability of the broker: check if his rates are clearly displayed, whether he can insure his activity through the mandates of the bank or if he is a member of the French association of banking intermediaries. Also, do not pay until you have received the loan. Easily accepted credit redemptions can sometimes hide something.

In case of FICP card

As a reminder, a person can be stuck FICP (File Incentives Repayment of Credits to Individuals) by his bank because of incidents of payments, bank prohibition or to prevent a situation of overindebtedness. The person can also declare himself overindebted if he files a file at the Bank in France.

Thus, it is better to have settled its debts and regularized its situation if you envisage a repurchase of credits because the organisms will verify if you are registered or not. It is also necessary to wait until your bank has informed the Bank in France that the bad checks have been paid. Do not hesitate to contact the Bank in France if you want to ensure that you are removed from the list. Also, if despite your posting, your employment situation is stable, this may increase your chances of redemption.

So, you should contact organizations that are more magnanimous about your situation but do not forget that the cost of your credit surrender will be higher than that of a person who has not been registered. However, a person registered on the FCC (Central Checks) is ineligible for credit redemption.

Your purchase of credits easy to obtain thanks to us

Your purchase of credits easy to obtain thanks to us

Our site, free online comparator, allows you an easy and fast credit buyback because it offers you to compare the prices of many banks and to choose between several brokers to find the best able to regularize your situation and find the best market rate. In addition, he is a partner with several banking organizations.

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