Weekly photo challenge: growth

Growth could be a fascinating study as every living thing on this planet grows. The life span is just different!! I could only photograph what was in my garden…Fruits and vegetables in the Alps grow quite slowly. My little pumpkin has stopped growing I think because the flower fell off the end. It’s quite amazing how quick the cucumber grows and goes from really small to that bigger size in just over a week!!  

The baby marrow has just the most amazing big yellow flower which eventually falls off when the marrow grows.


I am growing baby tomatoes and trying to cultivate little wild strawberries, which don’t grow very big but they are so sweet!!

Don’t you just love how spiderwebs just grow in the night and glisten in the morning dew!!


58 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: growth

  1. Good illustrations of growth. Actually many vegetables are most attractive plants, so why on earth do they have all these stupid bylaws in many areas about growing them in front gardens!

  2. I find vegetable gardens delightful places. I hung out in the garden as a child, my favorite place to get a snack. The photograph of the spider web is lovely, I agree with you. The dew on the webs in early morning sparkle like diamonds. :)

  3. Love reading your posts and watching the fun and exciting images. I grew up in a place where my dad used to teach me how to plant vegetables and take care of farm animals. Beautiful memories . Thanks for sharing all these.

    • I ate my first cucumber last night…there is something about picking and eating!! Great that your dad took the time to teach you about those things!!

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