Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

It was with absolute delight that I went on my walk in the mountains yesterday. Normally I try get to the top as quickly as possible but this time I had another reason…Word Press photo challenge: Purple

I also took the road far less travelled, an overgrown path to Vorlaz, that I was told existed but not sign posted and therefore little used!!

Summer in the Alps and the hills are are alive with the colour purple!!!

My camera does not have brilliant zoom so couldn’t do the real close ups that some people have.

I tried to use the backdrop of my magnificent surroundings to highlight the photo challenge colour!!

My camera definitely does not see through the same eyes as me…I was certain that some colours were purple and mauve but now I’m sure I need new glasses…;-)

272 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

  1. Beautiful photos, I struggled with the same issue until i realised there wasa special setting on my camera for it lol thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting i would follow but at the minute it doesn’t want to let me, will pop by another day :D

  2. Your photos are beautiful. I really like the one with the mountains in the background. Thank you for following my blog. There is no place to sign up for your blog. Check your settings :)

  3. I am dying over the second to last photo with the mountains in the background. Gorgeous!! What a beautiful area you live in. Love the photos. They look purple to me.

  4. Such lovely pics and flowers, Lisa. I’m amazed at how colour purple can be so beautiful. Enjoy the summer:-)

  5. Whatever camera you’ve got, it takes an excellent photo of the small flowers in the alps and you’ve got a great photographer’s eye.

  6. oh wow, those pics are amazing! your camera seems to have done a better job than most of them :-)

  7. aaah the mountains in summer, a favourite place and time. Loved the shot of the flowers in focus with the mountains in the backdrop!

  8. Beautiful

    I am following you now
    Finally but I don’t see the option at the top of your page

  9. Lovely pictures. Great choices for the theme. Using your mountain as a backdrop works fantastic. A closeup shot would have missed all that loveliness.

  10. following your blog! loved your acticle on your trip to croatia that you emailed me – hope you are all well x cindy

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