Hiking in the Alps

I’ll duplicate the blog from letterdash for now!!

I have spent the last months doing the most amazing hikes all over the mountains in my area. Today I was going to do the 3rd day of the 3 highest peaks but cannot do it because of the rain…Oh well I will now look at the weather report end July and August and when we get a couple of days sunshine in a row, I will set out to do just that!!

When you hike the spring flowers are just everywhere. The fields are just amazing and forever changing as new colour flowers come out. It started with mainly yellow and white and now there are pinks, purple and blue as well.

I just love the little villages and huts that can be found in the high pastures, many of them closed in winter and open up as they become accessible.

The crosses that can be found everywhere always add a sense of comfort to my walk. At the top of some Mountain peaks and some beautiful areas where there are amazing views. Never understood how some get so high as carrying a cross on ones back to some of these places would not be easy…A helicopter I’m told!!! ;-)

The ski slopes are totally different in the summer time but some are still covered snow.

There is something special about being able to walk on a path knowing that one side is Switzerland and the other side is France.

The mountain bikers are out and this weekend we have a special bikers weekend. All the ski lifts of the Porte du Soleil domain are open and you pay for 1 of the 3 days to take as many lifts as you can to go up and obviously ride down and your ticket gives you free food in a whole lot of restaurants throughout the area. You can stop at as many restaurants as you want.

And of course its spring time!!!! Not me I’m afraid…but who knows!!!

Mont Blanc is never far away. What a majestic mountain it is!

I sometimes walk with friends but mainly I walk alone in the serenity of my surroundings. Either way I love it and am truly blessed to be able to experience this area on foot!!


36 thoughts on “Hiking in the Alps

  1. You’re living in Paradise, Lisa :) So beautiful.

    My husband & I were ‘parents’ to a Swiss girl for a year, a visit to see her is on the cards, hopefully for next year….can we come stay for a night in your lodge??? :) It would be great meet you :) :)

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