Archive News

The National Archives news and events is not very active lately with no news been written in 2009. It does have a new article requesting articles for publication in its quarterly publication the “Archives News”

The “Archives News” is a quarterly internal publication of the Outreach and Publications Section with articles focusing on subjects about heritage, archival topics and different reports from various individuals and institutions about projects on heritage and archival matters. After publication it is distributed to all the Provincial Archives; Libraries, Schools, Genealogical Societies etc.

It is asking that articles of interest be forwarded to the editor by emailing or

Hopefully this section will become more active in the future

I thought Geni was absolutely amazing untill I cancelled my geni account by mistake. I was in fact trying to cancel Geni Pro and cancelled the normal account while they still had me signed on to Geni pro which still meant being debited every month with no Geni Access!!!

I started my tree on Geni. I had loaded personally over 900 people and the extra 80 loaded by other members I had invited. I had done a few months of Geni Pro but could not see a real benefit as most the tree matches were way out so I decided to cancel Geni Pro. I did’nt follow the close geni Pro account details correctly and ended up cancelling my Geni Account. There was no note to say are you sure as you are a geni pro member etc…

What you should know:
When you cancel your account you are only cancelling your right to sign on. You loose your login and password details. You are not deleting your tree, they give it to someone else. Geni does not ask who would you like to act as guardian for your tree. They just hand your tree to another family member and Geni automatically gives them the managerial rights of your tree. When You tell them you have made a mistake the do not just reverse the situation. You have to be invited back onto your own tree by someone else! They will also keep deducting Geni Pro monthly cost from your account and you would have no access to it.

I do still use Geni. I will cancel Geni Pro. I have in fact started my own dedicated web site that I can invite others to join and they can add family members. AT least that way I am in control!!